Saturday, 8 August 2015

Prefect Blood Sugars

Last night I rushed home after work to walk the dogs before going to the 42nd Annual Potatoe Festival Parade. Alliston is potatoe land and we sure are proud of it! Since I was rushed and my sister in law mentioned they would be grabbing something to eat at the parade and that they were walking into town I decided to do the same.  I am so proud that I had a good blood sugar after walking the pups and walking into town (somethings after walking my sugar tends to drop since making the switch to the pump)  so when I checked before eating I was very happy to see 7.3,  I was even happier to see 4.6 when I got home.  I wasn't comfortable going to bed at 4.6. Especially with all the walking I had done and I ended up racing my nephews home,  I had a snack... I knew it might mean waking up a bit higher but a bit higher is better then a low in my books any day.  So waking up at 6.8 was an amazing feeling! There is nothing like spending time with my family and eating out and having perfect readings!  Something I wish happened more often!