Friday, 15 May 2015

Day Five #DBlogWeek- Food on Friday

Diabetes Blog Week

Day Five
Topic- Food on Friday

Taking a cue from Adam Brown's recent post, write a post documenting what you eat in a day!  Feel free to add links to recommended recipes/shops/whatever.  Make it an ideal day or a come-as-you-are day – no judgments either way.  (Thank you, Katy of  Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes for this topic.)

I think its safe to say that all diabetics have a LOVE-HATE relationship with food, who doesn't LOVE food. When I sometimes have high blood sugars and panic I always tell my husband just that... I love to eat every food but hate what it does to me sugars.  I was so excited when I read todays topic and have actually been thinking about what I would share all week... I swear I never knew how to cook until I got married and we purchased our first house... I guess I had to learn because my mom did not live with us to cook for me anymore.

I have become addicted to Pintrest after planning my wedding last year, so I get most of my ideas from things friends or family members post and reaching for low carb meal ideas.

My favourite breakfast- Beacon, egg, cheese and salsa on roman lettuce wrap.

My favourite lunch- Grilled chicken with tabouli salad on a lettuce wrap

My Favourite dinner- I have 2 favourites Stuffed green peppers with turkey and couscous and chicken stir-fry with rice noodles, chicken, broccoli and carrots

My favourite dessert- even though I hardly eat it, again love hate relationship is a homemade apple pie
Happy Fri-YAY!!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Day Three #DBlogWeek- Clean it out

Diabetes Blog Week

Day Three
Topic- Clean it out

Yesterday we kept stuff in, so today let's clear stuff out.  What is in your diabetic closet that needs to be cleaned out?  This can be an actual physical belonging, or it can be something you're mentally or emotionally hanging on to.  Why are you keeping it and why do you need to get rid of it?  (Thank you Rick of RA Diabetes for this topic suggestion.)

Since I started my blog I truly feel that I have started to clean out my emotional diabetic closet. I have been keeping all my emotions to myself and final found a way to share them. I am sure I could dig a little deeper... I really didn't expect it to be this rewarding.  I am very thankful for all those who read my posts and comment with such positive feedback and how you are able to relate and look forward to reading more of my posts. I final feel like I belong somewhere.

I feel like this is a new start for me, and with that being said I am sure my collection of diabetic supplies could be  cleaned out again I moved about 5 months ago and cleaned out a bunch of stuff I had been holding on to since first being diagnosed... but I think a part of me thinks I might need them as back up but seriously some of this stuff is expired.

Lets turn Type ONE into Type NONE

Day Four #DBlogWeek- Changes

Diabetes Blog Week

Day Four
Topic- Changes

Today let's talk about changes, in one of two ways.  Either tell us what you'd most like to see change about diabetes, in any way.  This can be management tools, devices, medications, people's perceptions, your own feelings – anything at all that you feel could use changing.  OR reflect back on some changes you or your loved one has seen or been through since being diagnosed with diabetes.  Were they expected or did they surprise you?

Todays topic could not be more suited for exactly what I have on mind today. Not really related to what I would like to see or have seen changed, but this a big change for me. I woke up extra early this morning for 7:00am appointment with Laura my amazing dietitian and diabetes educator. Who makes me feel so confident that I am on the track and I can really see how she cares about her patients... I cant say the same about my endocrinologist but I only see him 4 times a year the most.

Over my last few appointments we have discussed the use of a insulin pump... when I was first diagnosed I was terrified of needles always have been and always will be. I hate getting any kind of vaccination, but know I need to do my insulin needles to live and so had to get over my fear. My needles are not painful, its just annoying that I have to take an extra 5 mins every time I eat and to find a hiding spot to do so. My hiding spot is the bathroom but still why do I feel the need to "hide"... simply because me being me, I need to avoid any questions about my diabetes.

So now to face the biggest fear of all... the pump!

I finally got comfortable doing my 4 needles a day a few years back when they first mentioned the pump to me and I thought to myself yeah right?! I will never walk around with that thing. Sounds pretty shallow but I was truly just fearful for what other would think. I am much more concerned of what other think of me sometime then I should be. I have often felt that my diabetes is a failure because of comments others have made regarding it, most of the time not understanding and really not willing to understand. But I know I didn't do this to myself and its sure not my parents fault and has nothing to do with my diet because I have always eaten healthy.

So today I have decided to make the BIGGEST change of my life to use an insulin pump :)
I am happy with my decision to move forward and try something new. Most diabetics would say it is the best change they have ever made. My first step was filling out the forms today, and I will get my blood work done early next week and then decide which pump will best fit my needs, I have decided I want to use an insulin pump with continuous glucose monitoring. I am a women who is recently married and wanting to start a family in the near future I feel the continuous glucose monitoring will really help me to better understand and treat my diabetes.

Change is good!!

I have a choice between the AnimasVibe insulin pump or Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Veo insulin pump, any diabetics who have feedback on these pumps, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump


Lets turn Type ONE into Type NONE

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day Two #DBlogWeek- Keep it to Yourself

Diabetes Blog Week
Day Two
Topic- Keep it to Yourself
Many of us share lots of aspects of our diabetes lives online for the world to see.  What are some of the aspects of diabetes that you choose to keep private from the internet?  Or from your family and friends?  Why is it important to keep it to yourself?  (This is not an attempt to get you out of your comfort zone.  There is no need to elaborate or tell personal stories related to these aspects.  Simply let us know what kinds of stories we will never hear you tell, and why you won't tell them.) (Thank you Scott E of Rolling in the D for this topic.)
I am not going to lie I was a little nervous about todays topic and wasn't really sure where to start and what to write about... then realized this is the purpose of me starting this blog... I keep it all to myself!  

I may have a positive attitude toward living with Type One Diabetes to the outside world and when friends or family members ask about it I really don't share anything with anyone besides my husband. I think I have always been that way... I was told once that I was to emotional about something and that I take things to personally and for some reason from that day forward I started to keep it all to myself... especially for those who feel that way and not just my emotions about living with Type One Diabetes but almost everything.  
I don't want anyone to worry about me and have always thought how others feel before my own feelings so keeping it all to myself is always what I have done. Unfortunately until I cant take it all anymore and have a mental break down. Which my husband usually has to pick up all the pieces and help me pull myself together. Doesn't happen often but when it does  I think it is pretty scary for the both of us. Which is why I started my blog just a few weeks ago.. to share the good, and the bad of living with a chronic illness. Even if my friends and family are not reading my posts I know I am sharing my feelings and expressing my emotions trying to avoid those scary breakdowns and hope that it might help someone else who feels the way I do.

I promise myself to NOT keep it all to myself!
Lets turn Type ONE into Type NONE

Monday, 11 May 2015

Day One #DBlogWeek- I Can

Diabetes Blog Week

Day One
Topic- I CAN.
In the UK, there was a diabetes blog theme of "I can...”  that participants found wonderfully empowering.  So lets kick things off this year by looking at the positive side of our lives with diabetes.  What have you or your loved one accomplished, despite having diabetes, that you weren't sure you could?  Or what have you done that you've been particularly proud of?  Or what good thing has diabetes brought into your life?  (Thank you to the anonymous person who submitted this topic suggestion.)
When I was diagnosed I truly thought my life was over. I knew nothing about Diabetes and although I never had sweet tooth I sure wanted to eat any junk food I could because I thought I would never be able to have it. Todays topic I CAN reminded me of the dark days and how I have truly not allowed Diabetes to take over my life. A good friend once told me its so much easier to wake up everyday and be miserable, then it is to wake up and deal with whatever comes your way with a smile and positive altitude. I feel like she changed my life when she shared this knowledge with me and I now share it with so many other.
I thought I couldn't live a long life with Type One Diabetes... although living a healthy long life means a lot more work it especially being a Type One Diabetic...
and I DO, I try my best to live a balanced lifestyle that includes eating right 99% of the time and exercising daily even though I just walk the dogs I am doing more then I was per diabetes.
I thought I would never find someone to share my life with because of the challenges I would face living with Type One Diabetes and was embarrassed to admit I lived with a chronic illness...
and I DID.. and I love my husband for all his support over the years when we were dating and especially the past 7 months of  our first year of marriage, I know I will have my good  and bad days but that what makes us all humans and being able to share that with someone is really the best gift anyone could ask for. 
I thought I would never be able to have a family of my own...
and I DO... I am a dog mom of 2 beautiful Siberian Huskies who have changed my life and showed me how love is unconditional and no matter how bad my days may be or how horrible I may feel they will always be by my side with their wet kisses and howling singing voices. My husband and I look forward to having children but are not ready just yet... but we know one day we will have a family of our own.
I have realized over the past few years that if I don't let my illness control my life I CAN live a long life of happiness just like everyone else. I CAN do all the things I want to in life. I have learned that we all have a story and challenges in our lives that's what make us human, I CAN live happy.

Lets turn Type ONE into Type NONE

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Diabetes Blog Week

Diabetes Blog Week

I am very excited to participate in this years #DBlogWeek.
This is a great way for me to share with my friends and family and really get my blog going!

I am really starting to feel a since of belonging, when I was first diagnosed I felt so alone since I am the only one in my family and circle of friends with Diabetes it was a challenge. I didn't know much about Diabetes when I was diagnosed 7 years ago, I had a hard time accepting that it wasn't just the flu and that insulin was not a cure, but a medicine that keeps me a live. I always tell my friend, family and co workers that I was lucky enough to have been diagnosed at the age of 19 and I was able to understood what I needed to do, and feel for those who are diagnosed as children to think how hard it must be for parents and siblings truly breaks my heart!! No one should have to deal with that kind of stress. But I have also realized being diagnosed later on in life may not have been the best thing... since I lived 19 year normally and not worrying about testing my sugar, counting carbs, giving myself the correct amount of insulin, worrying if I think my sugar is starting to drop on my walk with the dogs in the morning or after dinner.

I feel that I am finally starting to find my balance and hope by sharing this will help others understand how difficult some days are and can be living with Type 1 Diabetes and also how great some days will and can be.

Lets turn Type ONE into Type NONE

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Medical Alert Bracelet

Finally I found a medical alert bracelet I love!

I am so excited that I finally ordered a new medical alert bracelet after I lost my first one... I feel so sad when I think bout losing it. It was given to me by my parents when I was first diagnosed, was 10k white gold and unfortunately whoever found it did not return it.

Living with type 1 diabetes is not easy, I didn't ask for it, but I believe God thinks I am strong enough. Everyday I face a challenge to keep my blood sugars between the correct levels of 4-7... Sometimes I think I have everything under control and check my blood sugar before my next meal and SURPRISE my sugars are high... happens way to often. So then I take extra insulin to correct the high sugar level and for the amount of carbs I have eaten and SURPRISE again now my sugars are too low... doesn't happen often for me but since I have promised myself to take better care of my diabetes this year and forever it actually happen twice last week and got me thinking. What if that happen when I am alone?? (like I don't have enough to worry about  already) If I am not wearing a bracelet how would anyone know I needed help and needed it right away!!  When you have a diabetic emergency, your sugar levels must be corrected quickly to save your life. So the fact that I have been wearing one for the past 3 years is kind of scary.

Wearing a medical alert bracelet is exactly what a paramedic and doctor look for in order to treat someone with a medical condition that is life treating. There are many reasons to wear a medical alert bracelet as a type one diabetic, basically it can save your LIFE!

I found this one online at