Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Medical Alert Bracelet

Finally I found a medical alert bracelet I love!

I am so excited that I finally ordered a new medical alert bracelet after I lost my first one... I feel so sad when I think bout losing it. It was given to me by my parents when I was first diagnosed, was 10k white gold and unfortunately whoever found it did not return it.

Living with type 1 diabetes is not easy, I didn't ask for it, but I believe God thinks I am strong enough. Everyday I face a challenge to keep my blood sugars between the correct levels of 4-7... Sometimes I think I have everything under control and check my blood sugar before my next meal and SURPRISE my sugars are high... happens way to often. So then I take extra insulin to correct the high sugar level and for the amount of carbs I have eaten and SURPRISE again now my sugars are too low... doesn't happen often for me but since I have promised myself to take better care of my diabetes this year and forever it actually happen twice last week and got me thinking. What if that happen when I am alone?? (like I don't have enough to worry about  already) If I am not wearing a bracelet how would anyone know I needed help and needed it right away!!  When you have a diabetic emergency, your sugar levels must be corrected quickly to save your life. So the fact that I have been wearing one for the past 3 years is kind of scary.

Wearing a medical alert bracelet is exactly what a paramedic and doctor look for in order to treat someone with a medical condition that is life treating. There are many reasons to wear a medical alert bracelet as a type one diabetic, basically it can save your LIFE!

I found this one online at http://www.laurenshope.com/