Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Yay!!! Finally

This morning after 5 long months I am over the moon to see 2 pink lines!
I think I have been staring at it for almost 15mins.

We got married September last year and I knew that meant babies soon, so I worked my ass off this year to get my A1c below 7, so in July when my results were 7.1 my husband and I decided we would start to try knowing that I had just switched to the pump back in June, my A1c would for sure be below 7 in no time.

Every month since July I got my hopes up and every month mother nature still arrived sometime a day or two late and it was externally frustrating. I have had tons of people asking if we were trying, even asking if I  am permeate...  like what did they expect me to say YES we are and No it hasn't happen, or YES I am even thought I obviously wouldn't be ready to share the news...

PUBLIC NOTICE- you have no idea how someone might struggle with something like this, if they have not shared this information with you then maybe they are not comfortable... it is not okay to ask!

I guess I am just a little nervous, yes I have diabetes but I believe I have this all under control- still doesn't mean I am not scared shitless to miscarry or harm my baby, with high and low blood sugars! and on top of it all this thyroid thing that my endo seems to think will manage it self- take god I am seeing him next week because I have freaked myself out goggling untreated thyroid conditions during pregnancy- as if diabetes and pregnancy wasn't enough to deal with!

Anyways rant over, and fingers crossed the next 9 months go smoothly.

Written Nov 20th at 3weeks 6days