Tuesday, 2 February 2016


So its been only 1 week since I took an at home pregnancy test, that showed those 2 pink lines that would change our lives. I am scared! We haven't told anyone yet and I feel so emotional (not something I normal am).

My symptoms so far are only mid craping and sore boobs. Why am I not throwing up and exhausted?
this make me nervous, not that I want to feel that way, but I think it would help me feel more pregnant and that my little poppy seed is on track.

I think any women who finds she is pregnant has fears, but as a type 1 diabetic I feel like my fears are X100! I feel like everyone I know right now is  announcing their pregnancies which is such a beautiful thing, I pray I will be able to do so in a few months. I worry! Did that drink I had on my husbands birthday affect my baby before I knew I was pregnant, or that day I forgot my blood glucose meter at home last week?? :(  or the fact that my CGM was not working properly Monday and Tuesday of this week? Is my A1c still 6.3% because according to my CGM my average sugar is 8!!! ugh... or how about this cold I have had for a week and 1/2 and the fact that I took Advil and Buckley's before knowing I really wish I had all the answers to my questions.

Its going to be a long 9 months!

Written Nov 27th at 4weeks 6days