Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

So the last few visits with my endocrinologist have been amazing, my A1c has never been better.

However back in October he had mentioned my thyroid looks larger than normal. Seriously! He could tell by just looking at me something was wrong. He had mentioned including a TSH test on my lab req. Sure enough it was high at 7.4.

He suggested I do some more blood work to test a few other thyroid functions but that I would have to wait at least 6 weeks, because the thyroid sometimes corrects itself and that he didn't want to start me on another medication if it wasn't needed.

So what did I do next... Google anything and everything thyroid. I freaked myself out.
Every symptom listed I had- I am always cold, I have been feeling extremely tired, I have gained almost 30 pounds over the past couple of months, and my skin has been itchy and dry. Why I hadn't I told anyone how I had been feeling? because I really thought all these things were diabetes related. I knew when I decided to switch to an insulin pump I would gain a few pounds but not 30... I also thought the time of year had something to do with dry itchy skin since the heat is now on in my house. As for feeling tired all the damn time, I have been telling my doctors this for years!! So has my thyroid been a problem this whole time and no one ever though to check it out for me?

So when I had my appointment yesterday and my results were 9.0, I was really worried because I had gone an extra 6 weeks without treatment. First he congratulated me on my A1c of 6.3% as he always does then told me I have an underactive thyroid and had the perception ready. I started taking Synthroid this morning, and will have to do more blood work in 4 weeks. I have read that finding the right does of Synthroid can be difficult and take some time, but I really hope to see a better number in 4 weeks.

On the bright side of it all I already get blood work done so often, and see my endocrinologist regularly that it really wont be that much extra work.  I am feeling much more positive today then I have been feeling over that past 6 weeks. I really hope that I will finally have more energy!